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Freedom is our birth right

July ThriveHive Event

After every ThriveHive event, I leave feeling incredibly inspired and I’m reminded of the potential that every single one of us holds. We’ve hosted speakers from all walks of life, sharing their story and how they show up in the world. From health and wellness, to celebrating the femin, we’ve highlighted active leaders in our community, and the friendships you make along the way. Meeting these amazing speakers has inspired me to take ThriveHive outside of TreeHouse, which is why we are hosting our very first beach clean up.

I’ve lived in Santa Cruz since 2012, and what brought me here was that beautiful ocean. Living in a vacation town has its perks of being a short drive away from the beach, but it also comes with the ugly side that tourism can bring to beach towns. Garbage all over our beautiful shores is becoming a detriment not only to this side of California, but all over the planet. We hear about the garbage island, and it almost seems like an impossible task to make a dent into the millions of pounds of trash floating through the sea. If we want the big changes to happen, we’ve got to start with the small and tangible. No act of kindness for the greater good, goes unnoticed.

At TreeHouse, we have been blessed to work with companies who share the same core values as we do. When we told the brand reps of Flow Kana and Kurvana about our ThriveHive beach clean up, they left us no room to ask if they can join. They just wanted to know when, where, and how can they help us out. This is why we do what we do. TreeHouse is here to make a difference. We want to make a difference in the lives that walk through our doors, and we want to make a difference outside of these walls. When we received instant support and praise from our friends with Flow Kana and Kurvana, it only affirmed that we are doing this thing the right way.

Working in the cannabis industry comes with deep connections and a community that truly knows what it takes to make change happen. Knowing that we have so much love and support from the people we work with, is a beautiful reminder that we can make big things happen. Staying true in what you believe in, lending a hand when you can, and reaching out for help, will always serve you well. I am so stoked to be part of something small, yet powerful. I’m honored that I am able to hold space for our community to gather and clean up OUR home.